Sir Elliot GPA-2 Preamplifier

The GPA-2 is designed to dampen the audio signal. Each Auxiliary input will offer its own tonal characteristic. The new features from the previous model are the following:

High Damping Factor

Cross talk

Output LED Display

Over Sample Rate Protection


Frequency Bandwidth: +/- 3 dB 22.7 Hz – 22,000 kHz (44.1 kHz – 96 kHz)

Over Sample Rate Protection: 105 kHz and above

Cross talk: – 20 dB

Power Consumption: 7% on a single-core, 3 GHZ, Pentium 4 CPU residing on Windows XP SP3 using a 44.1 kHz white noise audio file.

The GPA-2 is best suited for Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, in addition to Lounge Music.



Coming Soon from Sir Elliot on Vimeo.

Sir Elliot GPA 2 from Sir Elliot on Vimeo.

If the GPA-2 sounds pleasing to your ear, you are more than welcome to use it for as long as you like.

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