Sir Elliot 21-Band Graphic Equaliser


Sir Elliot’s 21-Band Vintage Equaliser is first of many new plug-ins designed to function on 88.2 kHz (minimum) and above sample rates.

This will be the new standard of my designs as I will no longer create plug-ins that support 48 kHz and below sample rates.

The 21-Band Vintage Equaliser offers an adjustable frequency range from 11 Hz – 40,000 kHz in addition to sporting an ultrasonic roll-off filter ranging from 10 kHz to 100 kHz.

As with my preamplifiers, the 21-Band Vintage Equaliser brings forth it’s own tonal characteristics. The end result is a rich full tone taking full advantage of the frequency bandwidth ranging from 44,200 kHz to 100,000 kHz.

Technical Videos

Please visit the “Global Download Section” under “88.2 kHz Plugins.”

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