Sir Elliot RT-1 Vintage Preamplifier


I would like to introduce Sir Elliot’s RT-1 Vintage Preamplifier.

The RT-1 is designed to offer tonal characteristics found in home audio preamplifiers designed decades ago. If you are frustrated with your music material sounding too translucent, Sir Elliot’s RT-1 may be able to remedy the problem.

Main Features

Nine audio inputs (AUX, 78 R.P.M, AM, FM, TAPE HEAD, 3 ¼ IPS, 7 ½ IPS, 15 IPS, 30 IPS) to choose from

Selector, Loudness, Level, Bass, Midrange &, Treble Contours

Fixed Delay

Optimised for High Sample Rates

CPU Consumption:

44.1 kHz: 7%

88.2 kHz: 14%

96.0 kHz: 18%

CPU Consumption is based on a single-core, 2.8 GHZ Pentium 4 Computer using Windows XP (Non-Service Pack) playing a wav file.


If Sir Elliot’s RT-1 Vintage Preamplifier sounds pleasing to your ears, you are welcome to use it for as long as you like.

If you have experience a clicking sound on 15 IPS using sub-low content with very little information above 200 Hz, it has been remedied. It is only noticeable for those working with Dub Step.

If you are working on Dub Step, Hip Hop, Reggae, Drum & Bass and/or any other type of heavy bass-orientated material, I would recommend downloading the RT-1 again.

Please visit the Download Section II or Section I


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