Sir Elliot Little Black Box Series II (M)


The M version is a larger model of Little Black Box Series II. It offers Continuous Average Reduction VU Meters in addition to Peak LED Meters ranging from –0.5 dB to –180 dB. The third VU Meter is an Input/Output Comparator to ensure the proper levels.

Little Black Box Series II (M) brings forth the highest CPU drainage (8.5% on a single-core Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ) out of the three compressors offered hence, the “HIGH CPU” stamp embroidered on its faceplate.

Detailed specifications co-inside with Little Black Box Series II with the exception of what is stated above.

Little Black Box Series II (M) is the last compressor I am offering. I will focus only on Equalisers and, Pre-amplifiers from this day forward.

Please visit the Download Section II or Section I

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