The 1952 Preamplifier was transfered to a hardware device.

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5 Responses to TONE

  1. NNOONN says:

    I think your plug-in very good.
    I am testing many plug-in .
    You know the music.
    It is beautiful.
    There is a high-class feeling.
    I use your plug-in with the following music.
    From Japan.

    • Sir Elliot says:

      Hello NNOONN!

      Thank you for giving my plug-ins a try.

      I am honoured to hear they are offering the sound you like for your music.

      Greetings from New York.

      Sir Elliot.

  2. Harerton says:

    When will TONE be available?


  3. Sir Elliot says:


    I need to conduct a few more test under 384 sample rates in addition, operating it through all the popular DAWs.

    The 1952 Preamplifier should be available by Mid November.


  4. Harerton says:


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